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Company History & Overview

For over 20 years, Foamco has been manufacturing and distributing our range of polyurethane foams to a variety of Australian furniture and bedding businesses, providing them with value for money and quality foam products. 

Whilst the furniture and bedding industry has been our primary focus, we also manufacture a range of specialist foams for the healthcare, audio and packaging sectors.

Our humble beginnings saw us operating mostly at the economy end of the market, but over the years we’ve grown to produce a wide range of products suitable for applications at the premium sector.

All our foams are manufactured locally in Australia and we have distribution centres around the country, servicing the nation from coast to coast with offices in: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and distribute also into Perth, Adelaide and Tasmania.


Cleaner & Greener

Foamco practises excellence in environmental care. Our commitment to the environment is of the highest standard. We have recently invested in new C02 foaming technology which sees us at the forefront of the marketplace in green manufacturing. Foamco also work together with their customers on recycling product off cuts and reducing waste.

Being a local manufacturer means or our carbon footprint is lower than some, saving the environment as well as your freight costs.


Service Standards Second to None

We pride ourselves on being the company you can rely on to deliver in full and on time, every time, with no loss of product quality or customer service.

We like to say “at Foamco, we know you by your name, not your order number”.

We believe everything that goes into the manufacturing process counts, from the quality of the product, to the quality of delivery, to the quality of customer service you receive from us.

Hence our motto : "What’s Inside Matters".